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Math Night will be Monday, November 6, 2017: "Math-o-Magic!" - Stay tuned for more details!

Spring-Ford Area School District strives to be educationally relevant, focused on achievement and growth, and have a priority on people so that students are fully prepared to positively contribute to their society. It is the goal of the the Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) office to advance the development of our students based on the mission and goal of SFASD.

The Curriculum and Instruction office develops and utilizes Pennsylvania’s model of a Standards-Aligned System (SAS), which is a comprehensive approach to support student achievement. Click here to visit the SAS website.

  • Clear standards: what do we expect students to know, understand and do?
  • Fair assessment: how do we measure learning?
  • Curriculum framework: what is taught and when?
  • Instruction and intervention: how do we differentiate to meet the needs of all learners at all levels?
  • Materials and resources: what resources support learning?
  • Safe and supportive schools: how do we promote active student engagement?

Kimberly A. Bast - Director 610-705-6158

Catie Gardy - Literacy Supervisor

Heidi Rochlin - Math & Science Supervisor 610-705-6084

Connie Iannetta - Assessment Coordinator/Administrative Support

Carol Ganister-
Data & Reporting Specialist (PIMS)

K-6 Literacy Coach

Wendy Taylor,
610-705-6009 ext. 2791

K-6 Math Coach
Sue Choi,
610-705-6009 ext. 2752

7-12 Literacy Coach
Megan Wilmarth,
610-705-6009 ext. 3424

7-12 Math Coach
Gigi Procario,
610-705-6009 ext. 1685

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