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Civics Assessment 2022 Information

491 11th & 12th grade students took the assessment in May 2022.

99.6% of the students passed the exam.

74 students achieved 100% on the assessment and received a certificate of achievement.

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Spring-Ford Area School District strives to be educationally relevant, focused on achievement and growth, and have a priority on people so that students are fully prepared to positively contribute to their society. It is the goal of the the Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) office to advance the development of our students based on the mission and goal of SFASD.

The Curriculum and Instruction office develops and utilizes Pennsylvania’s model of a Standards-Aligned System (SAS), which is a comprehensive approach to support student achievement. Click here to visit the SAS website.

  • Clear standards: what do we expect students to know, understand and do?
  • Fair assessment: how do we measure learning?
  • Curriculum framework: what is taught and when?
  • Instruction and intervention: how do we differentiate to meet the needs of all learners at all levels?
  • Materials and resources: what resources support learning?
  • Safe and supportive schools: how do we promote active student engagement?

Dr. Kelly Murray, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation

Mrs. Catie Gardy, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Educational Technology

Dr. Jennifer Rinehimer, Curriculum Supervisor & Spring-Ford Cyber Learning Principal


Mrs. Brianna Angelucci, Curriculum Supervisor


Kimberly Baier- Executive Secretary, Curriculum & Instruction


K-6 Literacy Focus
Wendy Taylor
610-705-6009 ext. 2791

K-6 Math Focus
Stephanie Fitler
610-705-6009 ext. 2752

K-6 Technology Focus
Nicole Peart
610-705-6009 ext. 1764

7-12 Literacy Focus
Megan McGee
610-705-6011 ext. 3424

7-12 Math Focus

Theresa Silverman

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7-12 Technology Focus
Jess Saloky
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