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Civics Assessment 2024 Information

575 11th & 12th grade students took the assessment in May 2024.

96% of the students passed the exam.

75 students achieved 100% on the assessment and received a certificate of achievement.

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The Spring-Ford Area School District Curriculum and Instruction office develops and utilizes Pennsylvania’s model of a Standards-Aligned System (SAS), which is a comprehensive approach to support student achievement. Click here to visit the SAS website.

  • Clear standards: what do we expect students to know, understand and do?
  • Fair assessment: how do we measure learning?
  • Curriculum framework: what is taught and when?
  • Instruction and intervention: how do we differentiate to meet the needs of all learners at all levels?
  • Materials and resources: what resources support learning?
  • Safe and supportive schools: how do we promote active student engagement?

Course and Grade Acceleration

The Spring-Ford Area School district will employ the following framework regarding the acceleration of a student’s instructional program.

K-2 Acceleration Framework:

Differentiated instruction is provided in various subjects within the general education classroom. The teacher of the mentally gifted is available to collaborate with the grade K-2 teachers. Acceleration is not available for students in grades K-2.

3-8 Acceleration Framework:

Differentiated instruction is provided in various subjects within the general education classroom. The teacher of the mentally gifted is available to collaborate with the grade 3-8 teachers.

Students who have demonstrated an affinity for specific subject matter may be eligible for subject specific acceleration in the areas of Mathematics or English Language Arts based upon the district approved criteria. 

9-12 Acceleration Framework:

Students may accelerate their instructional program through a variety of class and course offerings by way of the course selection process. Students may not advance through a Keystone Course (Algebra 1, Biology, Literature). 

Grade level acceleration is carefully considered as a team with families, teachers, and principal and takes into consideration a student’s academic and social abilities and needs.

Students may enroll in and satisfy prerequisite requirements for subsequent courses by taking courses through Spring-Ford Cyber Learning or another accredited institution. Accredited institutions include other Pennsylvania school districts, private schools, and public or private colleges. Other institutions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

This option is one way to provide additional latitude and flexibility in scheduling academic courses. This option is available for students who desire to progress to higher level courses within a subject area and are willing to commit the time and effort to satisfy the course requirements outside of the regular school schedule. This typically occurs during the summer.

External courses which would satisfy Spring-Ford course requirements need review and pre-approval by district personnel.

If you have questions about course or grade acceleration, please contact your child's school counselor.

Meet the Curriculum & Instruction Team

Dr. Kelly Murray, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation

Dr. Catherine Gardy, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Educational Technology

Dr. Jennifer Rinehimer, Curriculum Supervisor & Spring-Ford Cyber Learning Principal

Mrs. Brianna Angelucci, Curriculum Supervisor

Kimberly Baier- Executive Secretary, Curriculum & Instruction


K-6 Literacy Focus
Wendy Taylor
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K-6 Math Focus
Stephanie Fitler
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K-6 Technology Focus
Lindsey Waltermyer
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7-12 Literacy Focus
Megan McGee
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7-12 Math Focus
Theresa Silverman
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7-12 Technology Focus
Jess Saloky
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