About the Flexible Instruction Day Program (FID): A Flexible Instructional Day or FID can be used in place of a snow day or other unplanned school closure and eliminate the need for a make-up day because students perform classwork at home. On a FID, students would complete learning assignments provided by the teacher at home through Canvas. FID is a program available to public school entities to be used as an alternate approach to deliver instruction if a circumstance arises that prevents in-person instruction in customary manner. A public school electing to institute a FID program must complete a FID program that meets the assurances outlined in the application. The FID application must be approved by the public school’s Board of School Directors prior to acceptance by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).

How will families be notified prior to a FID being instituted?
When inclement weather seems imminent, we will send out a notification through Skylert to all families and employees that there may be the possibility of poor weather conditions and to prepare for the potential of a Flexible Instructional Day (FID). If cancelled during the school day, we will utilize our intercom system to inform teachers to have students take necessary materials home and to plan to log-in to Canvas for their instruction. Upon confirmation of a cancellation, our communications department will send out a Skylert to all families and staff, update our website, and post the information to all of our social media platforms.

How will students continue learning on a FID?
Since September, staff have provided a virtual replica of a school day and advance learning on Canvas. Students will follow a normal schedule with virtual lessons via Zoom or Teams synchronously for a portion of each period. They will, then, complete assignments or virtual discussion topics to engage in debate and apply learning. All professional staff are expected to provide services, accommodations, and commensurate levels of instruction albeit virtually. Students will continue the day rotation on a FID. Staff are expected to be as prepared as possible in the event of an emergency closure.

How will attendance be recorded on a FID?
Students are expected to be in attendance online. They are required to either attend their classes virtually or watch recorded versions of the teacher-provided lesson. If a student is unable to complete assignments and participate in classroom lessons and discussions, they will be marked absent. Teachers will take the attendance of students that attended the live instruction component of the period. They will, then, cross reference that to list with the student me log in our LMS. Students that did not attend the live class, watch the recording, or complete any assignments will be marked absent. Students that did attend but did not complete work will lose participation points and/or credit for daily assignments.