Social Studies: Grades 5-6


We will catch the excitement of thinking, questioning and discovering answers about our world, from past to present. In 5th grade, we will discuss the following topics:
• Searching for Unity: forming a government, the Constitution, becoming an American, assessment and/or Constitution packet
• The Southern Colonies: a new settlement in Virginia, rebellion in Virginia, slavery in the Southern Colonies
• The New England Colonies: the Puritans come to America, life in New England, challenging authority, trade in New England
• The Middle Colonies: the land of the Middle Colonies, a mixture of many cultures, farming and trade, comparing information
• Crisis with Britain: ties to Great Britain, the Seven Years War, a new British Policy
• War Breaks Out: forming a new government, fighting the war, building a new society
• Birth of a New Nation: launching a new government, Jefferson/National Unity, economic life of a new nation, everyday life in the young nation
• Moving West: the moving frontier, life on the new frontier, the next frontier, the American Indians in retreat

We will focus on the following Social Studies standards:
Civics and Government
• Principles and Documents of Government
• Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
• How Government Works

• Historical Analysis and Skills Development
• United States History
• Pennsylvania History
• World History


In 6th grade we will learn important skills such as note-taking for enhanced reading comprehension, critical thinking, reading and communication skills. Our lessons will be divided into four major units of study:
• Introduction to world Cultures and Geography
o Welcome to the World
o The Geographer’s World
• The United States and Canada
o The Physical Geography of the United States and Canada
o The United States Today
o Canada Today
• Latin America
o Latin America: Its Land and History
o Mexico Today
o Central America and the Caribbean Islands
o South America
• Europe, Russia and the Independent Republics
o Western Europe: Its Land and Early History
o The Growth of New Ideas
o Europe Today

• Basic Geographic Literacy
• The Physical Characteristics of Places and Regions
• The Human Characteristics of Places and Regions
• Interactions Between People and Places

• Historical Analysis and Skills Development
• World History