Spring-Ford Cyber Learning

Enrollment for SFCL for the 2022-2023 school year is now closed.

Enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year will open during course selection time.  Please check back.  Please also remember you must register for cyber each year.  Cyber enrollment is not automatic from year to year. 

Please note that it takes time to change schedules from in-person to cyber.   We need to prepare login materials, schedules and staffing to ensure a smooth transition. 

This year classes are in Edgenuity and Canvas for grades 7-12. Students in grades K-4 are in compass and 5-6 are in Edgenuity. All courses are asynchronous and require students to maintain daily schedules in order to keep pace with the classes.  In addition, students and families need to be comfortable with technology and reaching out to the teachers when they need support.   

Spring-Ford Cyber is for students registered and living in the Spring-Ford Area School District.  Students in SFCL are able to participate in afterschool activities including clubs and sports. 

Once enrolled for second semester students will remain in cyber for the duration of the 2022-2023 school year.  Spring-Ford values the ability to choose a method of instruction for students and are fortunate to provide multiple options for families.  However, cyber learning is not the mode of instruction for every learning style and we ask that families consider their individual students' strengths when choosing cyber learning. Students who are struggling to maintain regular log in and passing grades will be contacted to meet with school teams to develop plans for success.   

Spring-Ford Area School District is pleased to offer Spring-Ford Cyber Learning for the new school year! SFCL has been developed by the Spring-Ford Curriculum and Instruction Department, and will be taught by the Spring-Ford teachers your child already knows. SFCL offers students the opportunity to engage in personalized education from home, with the added benefit of being eligible to participate in many SFASD extra-curricular activities.

The goal of SFCL is ultimately to provide a seamless blending of online and brick-and-mortar offerings for all students.

What is traditional "cyber school?" Attending cyber school is different from being home-schooled. With homeschooling you buy the curriculum and implement it yourself. You are responsible for reporting progress to the state. In a Cyber School, Spring-Ford will provide the curriculum for you! Once enrolled, your student will be assigned teachers their academic subjects. They can video chat, voice chat, or communicate via LMS messages. If a student needs assistance, they can "go to" the office virtually to speak with their teacher. There may be certain designated times that the office is open or their teachers are available to chat.

What does school day look like? Cyber learning offers individualized instruction and flexibility so that students and families can find a schedule that works best for them. This approach makes for day-to-day schedules that are unique for each student, so it’s difficult to pin down exactly what a day in the life of your student is truly like. What might a day look like for your family?

 Morning: Math work  Morning: Science work  Morning: Calculus work
 Mid-Morning: Brain Break Field Trip  Mid-Morning: Outdoor time and Brain Break  Mid-Morning: Outdoor photography
 Afternoon: ELA work  Afternoon: Social Studies work  Afternoon: FCS Family Meal
 Mid-Afternoon: Art work  Mid-Afternoon: Math work  Mid-Afternoon: STEM creating
 Late Afternoon: Create on Code.org  Late Afternoon: Music!  Late Afternoon: ELA work



Dr. Jennifer Rinehimer, Incoming Spring-Ford Cyber School Principal and Curriculum Supervisor



Amanda Myers

Amanda Myers, Spring-Ford Cyber School Coordinator