Weather Related Virtual


This year (2021-2022) Spring-Ford Area School District built one Emergency Day into the calendar and planned to utilize Virtual or Flexible Instruction Days (FID) in case of an emergency or snow closure. The district used the Emergency Day on September 2, 2021 following district-wide flooding and power outages. Therefore, April 13, 2022 will change to an In-Person school day.

A Virtual Day or FID will be used in place of a snow day or other unplanned school closure and eliminate the need for a make-up day because students perform classwork at home. On a weather related Virtual Day, students will complete learning assignments provided by the teacher at home through Canvas.

How will families be notified prior to a weather related Virtual Day being instituted?
When inclement weather seems imminent, SFASD will send out a notification through Skylert to all families and employees that there may be the possibility of poor weather conditions and to prepare for the potential of a Virtual Day. If cancelled during the school day, we will utilize our intercom system to inform teachers to have students take necessary materials home and to plan to log-in to Canvas for their instruction. Upon confirmation of a cancellation, our communications department will send out a Skylert to all families and staff, update our website, and post the information to all of our social media platforms.

How will students continue learning on a Virtual Day?
Students will follow a modified schedule with virtual lessons via Zoom or Teams synchronously for a portion of each period. All professional staff are expected to provide services, accommodations, and commensurate levels of instruction albeit virtually. Staff are expected to be as prepared as possible in the event of an emergency closure.

How will attendance be recorded on a Virtual Day?
Students must be on Zoom or Teams at the scheduled time. Attendance will be taken in Zoom or Teams. If a student is not present in Zoom or Teams, then they will be marked absent. Attendance will not be taken for study halls.

K-4 Students and Parents:

  • Fill out the Equipment Device Form and return to school with your child to acknowledge that your child has received a district issued technology device
  • Help your child connect to your home Wi-Fi to prepare for a virtual day due to inclement weather
  • Be sure to have your child return the Equipment Device Form and the device back to school
  • Devices will remain at school and issued to students prior to a virtual inclement weather day.