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REMINDER: No School April 28
Spring-Ford’s Online Learning will not take place on April 28 due to a scheduled Staff In-Service Day. As a reminder, Governor Wolf waived the first two weeks of the school closure, meaning the 2019-2020 school calendar has not changed.

Please note, the Breakfast/Lunch Program WILL be open tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. at:

  • Spring City Elementary School
  • Royersford Elementary School
  • 5/6/7 Grade Center

Curriculum Update: Using Microsoft Teams
Open Office Hours: teachers are asked to hold office hours every day. Secondary teachers will hold one open office hour per day, not individual hours for each course. Office hours will not be held on April 28th, due to the Inservice day.

Teacher-Led Instruction: all teachers are encouraged to provide recorded teacher-led instruction within their lessons.  This may be in the form of pre-recorded video or may be in the form of live instruction. Teams may be used to enhance the Instructional Continuation Plan, which will remain asynchronous so that students are not required to "attend" class at a specific time. Participation in live Teacher-Led Instruction may NOT be mandatory for students to attend. Sessions will be recorded and posted in the Google class for students to view. Students will still be held accountable to the content within their lessons but should not be required to attend live.

We ask that you please assist students with following the instructions from the teacher while using a virtual classroom space. This includes assisting students to sign out of the classroom when prompted by the teacher and adhering to the proper virtual room etiquette, listed below.

How to Access Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams can be accessed through an internet browser or an app.

  1. In an internet browser, log in to Microsoft Office 365 with your child’s district issued email address and password: https://teams.microsoft.com/
  2. Download the Microsoft Teams app for iPhone or Android from the App Store. Log in to Microsoft Office 365 with your child’s district issued email address and password.

Virtual Room Etiquette

  • If a family is not comfortable with their child being on video but would like them to participate in the virtual classroom space, their camera can be turned off. Students will not be required to be on video. Please remind students of this. 
  • Parents should review appropriate online expectations for behavior within the classroom. Click here for general student guidelines. Please be aware that at no time are students permitted to be in a virtual classroom (Teams Room) without a teacher present.  Presence in a virtual classroom without a teacher present may result in loss of privileges in the use of virtual spaces.
  • When entering a virtual space, please mute your microphone and only turn it on when you need to speak.
  • Students are to be appropriately dressed.  We are trying to use virtual spaces to recreate a classroom environment as best as possible.  Many virtual spaces will be recorded. Please be sure that students are adhering to the district dress code when participating in virtual instructional spaces. 
  • Students will still be held to the district student code of conduct.
  • Meetings with students will be recorded and saved with the exception of confidential meetings such as school counseling meetings. 

Click here for Tech Tips introducing you to Microsoft Teams.

School Board Meeting
Due to the current shutdown of schools, and in consideration of the health and safety of the school community, notice is hereby given that the Board of School Directors shall convene a regularly scheduled School Board Meeting on Monday, April 27, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. Participation at this meeting shall be limited to remote connection using the virtual meeting platform, Zoom. This meeting shall be recorded and posted on the District’s website to allow members of the community an opportunity to view the meeting.

How To Join the Virtual School Board Meeting with Zoom:

  • In order to assure the best experience, it is recommended that an attendee installs the Zoom app. This app will work on Apple Devices, PC’s, Chromebook, iPhone and Android device.
  • Please click here to install the app: https://zoom.us/download
  • Click through the installation requests.
  • Attendees do not need to create an account to join the meeting.
  • Once you have the app installed, you are ready to participate.
  • To join, use https://spring-ford.zoom.us/j/737353244 at 7:30 p.m.

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