SFASD Messages

Good afternoon,

I’m writing today to address the late notice of reopening schools. I shared on Sunday that the Board of School Directors would discuss reopening options and an update would be sent following that meeting. I understand the frustration you may have felt receiving the update late in the evening and agree, I would be frustrated if that happened to me. I apologize for the lateness of the update and will work to do better for the Spring-Ford community going forward.

As you read last night, we will be monitoring the daily Rolling Count at each school and will update the Dashboard daily. In an effort to prevent an unexpected closure we will send an early warning notice if a building looks to be in jeopardy of closing. Should a school close for a period of time due to an increase in confirmed cases or due to a “functional shutdown,” a temporary transition to remote learning will be necessary. Parents are encouraged to have a back-up plan in place should schools close due to a Rolling Shutdown. Much like Snow Days, there may be short notice, though we will send email and phone notices as early as possible. Likewise, going forward we will send both email and phone notices when we reopen schools. Again, we will send that notification as early as possible.

Updated COVID Dashboard 
The COVID Dashboard will be updated daily to include confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 reported to SFASD by individuals who attend school or work in Spring-Ford. Please click here to view the COVID Dashboard. 

UPDATED BUILDING BASED 14-DAY ROLLING COUNT: Following Montgomery County Office of Public Health (MCOPH) guidance, the Rolling 14-Day positive count is one metric used to determine school closures. Together, SFASD and the MCOPH will monitor data as reported. All decisions will be made in coordination with the MCOPH. In addition to the data below, our mitigation strategies, timely case investigations and close contact notifications, linked transmission, municipality rates, and our cleaning procedures are all factors that are considered when considering a push to virtual and for how long. 

Each building count will be updated daily. If a school closes due to an increase in confirmed cases, the Rolling Start Date would reset to zero. After a school reopens, the Rolling Positive Count will reset to zero, and a new Rolling Start Date will not be recorded until there is a positive case. 


  • December 8 – Building A closes for two days
  • December 10 – Building A reopens to in-person learning
  • December 14 – a new positive case is reported, reopening the 14-day rolling count

Information will be updated daily on the COVID Dashboard. Please click here to view the COVID Dashboard.

Daily Transportation Update
Custers Garage, our transportation provider, may experience a bus driver shortage during the upcoming weeks. In the event of a driver shortage, available drivers will be asked to do “double runs.” Because of this, it is possible that some students may see a delay in bus pick up and/or drop off times. 

Notification of Delays
Parents and students with cell phones should download the Bus Status App. The app will be updated each morning with all delays. 

You can click here to check the overall status of all buses online. 

Daily Bus Riding Procedure

  • All students will be required to sit in assigned seats for contact tracing.
  • Siblings will be required to sit together.
  • Masks will be required at all times.  
  • Buses will be cleaned before morning and afternoon runs and will be disinfected each night.

Click here to learn more about the Bus Status app.

Again, I apologize to the Spring-Ford community for causing unneeded angst and frustration. Since March, this community as pulled together to support one another while balancing work life, home life, and school life, and I will work to do better.

Thank you,
Dr. Goodin