SFASD Messages

Good morning Spring-Ford, 


Starting Monday, March 30th teachers will be providing new instruction online using Google Classroom with the intent of advancing and moving the curriculum forward. Please know that we understand that this is going to be a transition for families, and we are stressing flexibility for families. Instruction will be asynchronous, which means that families will have flexibility as to when in the day they will complete their work.


Please click here to review the Instructional Continuation Plan. On this page, you will find:


We understand that this transition may be difficult, but please remember that your Spring-Ford family is here to support you as your family ease into this near learning style. Please take your time in reviewing this information, and watch (or re-watch) the Instructional Continuation Plan presentation. 


Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best you can! 


Thank you,

Dr. Kelly Murray