SFASD Messages

Starting Monday, March 30th teachers will be providing new instruction online using Google Classroom with the intent of advancing and moving the curriculum forward. Please know that we understand that this is going to be a transition for families, and we are stressing flexibility for families. Instruction will be asynchronous, which means that families will have flexibility as to when in the day they will complete their work. We would like to present the community with the entire plan and invite you to join us on Thursday, March 26th at 6:30 pm.

In order to reach more people, we are utilizing Facebook Live in addition to Zoom as it is a platform more people are comfortable using and doesn't require any additional downloads. In addition, Zoom webinars have an attendee limit which may prevent some people from accessing the webinar on Zoom. You can watch the full presentation on Facebook Live, real-time along with Zoom, and our moderators will include your questions from the comment section.

How to watch – click the link below:

  • Live on Facebook Live
  • Live on Zoom (you can click the link above if this option is closed due to the attendee limit!)
  • Later at your leisure on RCTV’s YouTube channel starting tomorrow! 

 The PowerPoint presentation, along with a thorough informational document, will be sent to all families following the presentation.

Spring-Ford recommends that families requiring medication reach out to their physician and/or insurance provider to obtain refills. If a family is unable to secure a refill, School Nurses will be available on Friday, March 27, from 12 – 2 p.m. at your child(s) home school(s) to pick up the medication. School Nurses ask that all parents stay in their car and have identification available as they will be providing curbside service.