SFASD Messages

Due to the anticipated snowstorm, the Spring-Ford Area School District will move to online learning for all grades K-12 tomorrow, Wednesday, December 16th. 


For K-6 Students: The day may include both live and asynchronous activities. All classes will begin their day with a class meeting. Students can access the virtual meeting using the Canvas page, much like when our classes were virtual. 


For 7-12 Students: the day will remain asynchronous, and all students will complete work posted to Canvas. Teachers will be available for office hours by appointment.


Weather conditions will be re-evaluated tomorrow, and a decision for Thursday will be made mid-day Wednesday. 


NOTE: In the past, the Spring-Ford calendar had built-in emergency days in the event of school cancellations, such as a Snow Day. Spring-Ford Area School District has been approved for Flexible Instruction Days (FID) and no longer has built-in emergency days. If the district were to call a “traditional snow day” without any online learning, school days would be added to Spring Break or the end of the school year.