Planning, Operations and Facilities

The Planning, Operations, and Facilities Department is dedicated to keeping the physical structures and grounds of the district clean, functional and safe within financial and regulatory constraints. We exist to serve the students, faculty, staff and taxpayers of the Spring-Ford Area School District.

The upkeep of equipment, buildings, and grounds is a monumental task. More than 20,000 requests for maintenance, repairs, and renovations are received by the Maintenance and Operations team each year. Because we are a large district covering over 44 square miles, it is important that we establish a centralized reporting procedure not only for repairs which need emergency attention, but for interior renovations and not-so-urgent service requests.

Department Overview

Robert Hunter, Director of Planning, Operations
and Facilities

Barry Ziegler, Supervisor of Operations/Facilities

Kathleen Rice, Administrative Assistant

Doug Carson, Maintenance Foreman

Joseph Nugent, HVAC Supervisor

Denise Whitmore, HVAC Control Specialist