Spring-Ford School Police

The Spring-Ford Area School District School Police Department is a law enforcement agency with an emphasis on protecting our students, staff, and visitors within the Spring-Ford Area School District (SFASD). The Spring-Ford Area School District (SFASD) is located in the western central portion of Montgomery County and in the eastern central section of Chester County. The district is comprised of the Townships of Limerick and Upper Providence and the Boroughs of Royersford and Spring City.

Spring-Ford School Police Employees (from left to right):

Officer Bob Greenwood
Primary Location: Elementary Schools
Experience: 34 Years as a member of Lower Pottsgrove Police Department
Email: rgree@spring-ford.net
Telephone: 610-705-6023

Officer Timothy Brennan
Primary Location: 5/6/7 FLEX Building
Experience: 24 Years with East Norriton Police Department
Email: tbren@springford.net
Telephone: 610-705-6000 Ext 2518

Chief David Boyer, Coordinator of Safety, Security, and Emergency Preparedness
Primary Location: District Wide
Experience: 28 Years with East Norriton Police Department
Email: dboye@spring-ford.net
Telephone: 610-705-6058

Public Safety Officer Jason Corropolese
Primary Location: High School
Experience: 20+ Years Spring-Ford School Security
Email: jcorr@spring-ford.net
Telephone: 610-705-6075

Officer Dave Egleston
Primary Location: High School
Experience: 25 Years as a Pennsylvania State Trooper
Email: degle@spring-ford.net
Telephone: 610-705-6025

Lieutenant Gwen Phillips
Primary Location: High School (District ALICE Coordinator/Instructor)
Experience: 15+ Years with Springfield Twp and Spring-Ford Police Departments
Email: gphil@spring-ford.net
Telephone: 610-705-6085

Officer Terry Heydt
Primary Location: Elementary Schools (ALICE Coordinator/Instructor)
Experience: 30 Years with Central Berks Regional Police Department
Email: theyd@spring-ford.net
Telephone: 610-705-6000 Ext 2585

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Mission + Vision

The Spring-Ford Area School District School Police Department is committed to protecting life, liberty and property. We strive to provide the highest level of service and work in partnership with our community to ensure public safety while focusing on the following core principles:

  • Protection of our Students, Staff, and Community
  • Vigilant, Ethical and Impartial Enforcement of Law
  • Critical Incident Preparedness and Response
  • Crime Prevention, Reduction and Deterrence

We are dedicated to service and committed to excellence, focusing on the following core values:

  • Professionalism: We are members of an exceptional and highly trained law enforcement organization. Our conduct and demeanor adhere to the highest standards of personal and organizational excellence.
  • Integrity: We hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of honesty, truthfulness, and ethical conduct.
  • Respect: We ensure that all persons are treated with equality, dignity and courtesy.
  • Commitment: We are dedicated to our Profession, our Community, our Agency and our Mission.