Special Education

Spring-Ford Area School District also offers Learning Support programs (for students with delays in reading and/or math which are significant enough to impact their regular grade level performance), Autistic Support and Emotional Support programs. Speech and Language Support is available in all district schools. Spring-Ford has access to the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, Approved Private Schools, and other local school districts for additional programs, if needed.


Amy Hiller
Supervisor of Special Education, Grades K-3

Dr. Percell Whittaker
Supervisor of Special Education, Grades 4-6

Katie Davis
Supervisor of Special Education, Grades 7-9

David Krakower
Supervisor of Special Education, Grades 10-12


The Special Channel:
Spring-Ford is offering a parent group, called The Special Channel, for parents of students who receive special education services. The group was developed several years ago to help parents understand special education laws and how they apply to the education of their children. The Special Channel has scheduled meetings during the school year.

Gifted Education

Academically Talented:
Spring-Ford Area School District offers programs for the Academically Talented at all levels.