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Custers Garage is actively seeking qualified drivers for both permanent and substitute routes. Competitive compensation packages are available. Please call 610-323-6820 ext. 121.

All drivers must complete the required Act 114: FBI Fingerprint Check, Act 151: Child Abuse History Clearance, and Act 34: Criminal History Report.


Bus safety is not just the responsibility of the bus driver. Bus safety takes the bus driver as well as the bus company, the school district, parents, students, public drivers and the community as a whole to have safe bus transportation. Everyone has a little part in keeping children safe before, during and after a school bus ride to and from school. We want to encourage you to review the safety tip below and then also scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the link titled "Student Responsibilities and Safety". Please review the information with your child or children to help give them safe bus transportation. Click here for the bus safety video.

Lora Sanderson, Transportation Coordinator

Vanessa Puco, Transportation Secretary

Students should enter and exit their school bus according to the diagram above (the green area). The gray area around the school bus indicates a 10 feet area. Students should not stand, wait or walk closer than 10 feet to their bus. This DANGER ZONE is a blind area for the driver and they may not be able to see you. NEVER RUN TOWARDS OR AFTER A BUS even when it is stopped. The red area indicates extreme danger. Students should NEVER enter these extremely dangerous areas around the school bus.


Student Responsibility and Safety

Student Responsibility and Safety

1. All students will show proper conduct while riding in a school bus or vehicle used for transporting students.

  • Find your seat, facing forward with your back against the seat.
  • Talk in a quite volume.
  • Fighting, or rough play, creating a disturbance in any way, shape, or form is not permitted.
  • Throwing objects on the bus or from the bus is not permitted.
  • Keep head, arms, and hands inside the bus at all times.
  • The use of obscene language is not permitted.

2. Be careful in walking to and from a bus stop, walk on the left side of the road toward oncoming traffic so you can see what is coming toward you; be sure the road is clear both ways before crossing, looking left, right, left.

3. Respect property and wait at the assigned bus stop without damaging or trespassing on private property.

4. Be at the assigned bus stop 8-10 minutes before the scheduled time. Be on time for the assigned dismissal bus in order to permit the bus to follow the time schedule on the route. A student is not permitted to ride on a bus on which a student is not assigned.

5. Never run after or towards a bus when moving or about to move. Stay more than 10 ft. away from a bus except entering or exiting the bus at the passenger door.

6. All students are to line up and enter the bus in an orderly fashion.

7. Sit in the assigned seat (K-6). Bus drivers have the right to assign a student (K-12) to a seat in the bus and to expect reasonable conduct in a manner similar to that of a teacher in a classroom.

8. Reach their assigned seat in the bus without disturbing or crowding other pupils.

9. Obey the driver promptly. The driver is in complete charge while the transportation vehicle is in operation.

10. Keep the bus clean and sanitary, neither smoking nor drug use is permitted. No chewing gum, candy, soda, ice cream or other food is permitted on the bus at any time. No playing of radios or tape players is permitted without a headset. Skate boards, scooters, and roller blades are not permitted on the school bus or vehicle used to transport students. No animals are allowed.

11. Be respectful to other students and to the bus driver.

12. Be respectful of bus equipment. Damage to seats and other parts in often unnecessary and always costly. Students will be held responsible for any and all damage to the bus perpetrated by them.

13. Remain seated until the bus stops to load/unload. If crossing in front of the bus is required always look left, right, left and if all is clear and traffic is stopped, then cross the road in front of the bus.

14. Improper behavior on the bus may result in an immediate suspension of bus privileges and if the situation reoccurs, the bus privileges may be suspended for the remainder of the school year.

15. Parents/Guardians and visitors are not permitted to enter or ride a school bus. Under penalty of law a parent or visitor can be fined for boarding a bus without proper clearance from the bus driver. (PA Code 23.6)

For additional transportation information please see your building handbook.

Parent Responsibility and Safety


§ 5517. Unauthorized school bus entry. (a) Offense defined. A person who enters a school bus without prior authorization of the driver or a school official with intent to commit a crime or disrupt or interfere with the driver or a person who enters a school bus without prior authorization of the driver or a school official who refuses to disembark after being ordered to do so by the driver commits a misdemeanor of the third degree. (b) Notice. A school district may place a notice at the entrance of the school bus that warns against unauthorized entry. (June 11, 1998, P.L.460, No.65, eff. 60 days) 1998 Amendment. Act 65 added section 5517.

To help with securing safety on the bus and to keep the bus moving on its designated route and on time, we ask that you do not stop the bus in anyway. If you have a concern about a bus or students safety, please contact one of the following:

1. School Office your child attends

2. Spring-Ford Transportation Department

3. Bus Company

The School, Transportation Dept. and Bus Company will work together to help in resolving your concerns in as quickly a manor as possible.

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