Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

SFASD is a community committed to sharing values of diversity and inclusion. We firmly believe that we can best promote our values by recruiting and retaining a diverse group faculty and staff and by creating a climate of respect that is supportive of their success with our students and families. We recognize that the responsibility for diversity and inclusion lies with all of us at SFASD: leadership, administration, faculty, staff and students.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee seeks to facilitate the school district’s ongoing and continuing efforts to promote an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity in order to prepare students to become members of a global community and increase staff awareness of differences within our school community.

Purpose, Mission, and Vision

  • Purpose: To create an environment that fosters awareness and self-awareness of diverse perspectives and backgrounds; to build a community where everyone feels accepted and valued, and to be purposeful in looking for value in others.

  • Mission: By fostering self-awareness and social awareness, we strive to overcome conscious and unconscious bias, participate in courageous conversations and create an inclusive culture that welcomes the diverse beauty of the entire Spring-Ford community. 

  • Vision: Elevate the voices of  marginalized identities, ensure continuous, purposeful growth opportunities, establish a climate of bravery and empowerment.

Diversity and Inclusion