Spring City Expansion Project

During the 2022 and 2023 school years, collaborative efforts of both Spring-Ford Area School District and ICS provided comprehensive facilities plans focusing on the growth of Spring-Ford Area School District, specifically the growth seen in Spring City Borough.

On March 20, 2023 the Spring-Ford Administration recommended moving forward with a plan to add onto and renovate Spring City Elementary School. On March 27, 2023 the Board of School Directors approved this recommendation in an 8 to 1 vote. The option to renovate and add onto the school addresses the needs SFASD is trying to solve:

  • Improved educational programming
  • Supports future planning decisions
  • Capacity issues
  • Deferred maintenance and capital investment
Project Details
  • Renovate existing building
  • Addition of 7,000 SQFT
  • Addresses deferred maintenance
  • Addresses capacity issue in the building
  • Provides greater capacity for future grade reconfiguration or full-day kindergarten
  • Maintains neighborhood school for Spring City residents
  • Improved educational program at Spring City Elementary School
    •  Dedicated Art Room with Kiln & Storage
    •  Dedicated Music Room with Breakout Space
    •  Dedicated RamQuest Room with Storage
    •  Spaces for OT/PT, Gifted, Speech, IST, Reading, Math
    •  Two Full Size Learning Support Classrooms
    •  Large Conference Room, Guidance, Psychologist
    •  Small Group Instruction Spaces for Breakouts & Special Needs
Up First

In the schematic design phase, we will ask for stakeholder input to inform the space layout and will solicit feedback about how to best utilize each type of space in and around the building. This step will produce the floorplan of the building and locates all the key spaces, services, departments, etc.

In the detail design phase, we would again utilize stakeholders to provide feedback on interior finishes and department-specific items in classrooms and spaces. This series of workshops provides detail for the spaces' final look/feel/function.

Tentative Timeline
Tentative Spring City Timeline


A History of Spring City Public Schools

  • In 1849, Spring City's first public school was moved to the basement of a local meeting house. Eight years later, a building for schooling was constructed behind the present Lutheran Church.
  • In 1872 Church Street School opened. At first, the building only held four grades, then expanded to include all grades and a high school.
  • The first commencement was held in 1881 with four graduates that year.
  • In 1928 a new high school on New Street was built. This building served as a Junior-Senior High School until the jointure in 1955.
  • In 1955, a resolution recommended by Gerald Hottenstein was passed creating Spring-Ford Schools, made up of the boroughs of Spring City and Royersford, and the townships of Limerick and Upper Providence. The school directors from the four communities chose the name Spring-Ford, highlighting the representation from Spring City and Royersford.
  • In 1959 a new grade school, the current Spring City Elementary School, opened to replace the old Church Street School.