SFASD School Board

The Spring-Ford Board of School Directors generously contributes their time and talents toward the advancement of public education from kindergarten through grade 12 for the Spring-Ford Area School District. As elected officials, school board members answer to the electorate and to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, establish policies that provide the framework for our public schools and represent their local communities, attend sometimes lengthy and challenging meetings, conferences and institutes for public education.

Spring-Ford’s nine school directors assess the district’s needs to develop an educational program that is consistent with the districts mission and vision. These members are:

REGION I Dr. Margaret Wright
Term Expires 2023
Wendy Earle
Term Expires 2023
Linda C. Fazzini
Term Expires 2021
REGION II David Shafer
Term Expires


Colleen Zasowski
Term Expires 2023
Clinton Jackson
Term Expires 2021
REGION III Christina F. Melton
Term Expires 2021
Diane Sullivan
Term Expires 2023
Thomas J. DiBello
Term Expires 2021

School Board


Back Row, Left to Right: Linda Fazzini, David Shafer, Diane Sullivan, Clinton Jackson, Tom DiBello
Front Row, Left to Right: Wendy Earle, Colleen Zasowski, Christina Melton, Dr. Margaret Wright

The Spring-Ford Board of School Directors utilizes a committee structure to efficiently accomplish their work. The standing committees - including Property, Policy, Extracurricular, Finance, Curriculum and Technology, and Community Relations - meet on a regular schedule to complete due diligence. These meetings are all open to the public and typically held at the District Office (unless otherwise noted). The committee then reports information and recommendations to the full board.