SFASD School Board

The Spring-Ford Board of School Directors generously contributes their time and talents toward the advancement of public education from kindergarten through grade 12 for the Spring-Ford Area School District. As elected officials, school board members answer to the electorate and to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, establish policies that provide the framework for our public schools and represent their local communities, attend sometimes lengthy and challenging meetings, conferences and institutes for public education.Spring-Ford’s nine school directors assess the district’s needs to develop an educational program that is consistent with the districts mission and vision.

School Board Authority: The Board, in accordance with its statutory mandate, shall adopt Board procedures for its own operation, and policies for the guidance of the Superintendent in the operation of the school district. Board procedures and policies shall be consistent with law, have a rational and substantial relationship to a legitimate purpose of the Board, and be directed towards the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of public education in this district.

The powers of the Board of School Directors are not vested in the individual Board member. No such individual is authorized to act on behalf of the Board to carry out any of the Board's statutorily authorized powers, except for those acts stated in law.

School Board Meetings are typically held the 3rd and 4th Monday of the month unless otherwise noted. Click here to view the full Board Meeting and Committee Meeting calendar.

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