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Elementary Schools (K-6)

Spring-Ford Elementary Schools

SFASD believes that the primary, or elementary, years are extremely important for children as they set the foundation for a student’s academic future. Spring-Ford Area School District staff members work tirelessly to ensure that elementary students are well-prepared at the start of their educational career.

Learning in elementary school is an important experience, and children at this level should enjoy coming to school. Each SFASD school offers talented staff members, a friendly environment and a developmentally appropriate curriculum so that students can achieve their highest potential in a learning environment that is safe, nurturing and fun.

Each academic experience is enriched by extra-curricular activities, technology tools, assembly programs and student clubs. We invite new parents to learn more about their school by volunteering with their schools individual home and school association, parent-teacher association or parent-teacher organization.

Brooke Elementary School
339 North Lewis Road, Royersford, PA 19468-1525
610-705-6006 Fax: 610-705-6248

Evans Elementary School
125 Sunset Road, Limerick, PA 19468-1721
610-705-6012 Fax: 610-705-6231

Limerick Elementary School
81 Limerick Center Road, Royersford, PA 19468-1303
610-705-6007 Fax: 610-705-6246

Oaks Elementary
Oaks School Drive, P.O. Box 396, Oaks, PA 19456-0396
610-705-6008 Fax 610-705-6247

Royersford Elementary School
450 Spring Street, Royersford, PA 19468-2519
610-705-6005 Fax: 610-705-6250

Spring City Elementary Hybrid Learning School
190 South Wall Street, Spring City, PA 19475-1634
610-705-6004 Fax: 610-705-6253

Upper Providence Elementary School
833 South Lewis Road, Building #3, Royersford, PA 19468-2732
610-705-6009 Fax: 610-705-6236

Intermediate School 5th/6th Grade Center
833 South Lewis Road, Building 2, Royersford, PA 19468-2732
610-705-6003 Fax: 610-705-6254

Middle School (7-8)

Spring-Ford Middle Schools

The programs offered at the middle school level support the belief that all students have the ability to learn. Students are valued for their many talents and the middle school years are a time of transition. During the middle school years, it is natural for your child to become more independent. Though, they still need the guidance and support of their home family and school family. School personnel will provide high quality educational opportunities and strive to reinforce appropriate decision making and personal responsibility.

7th Grade Center
833 South Lewis Road, Building 2, Royersford, PA 19468-2732
610-705-6010 Fax: 610-705-6238

8th Grade Center
700 Washington Street, Royersford, PA 19468-2427
610-705-6002 Fax: 610-705-6255

High School (9-12)

Spring-Ford Area High School

Spring-Ford Area Senior High School’s philosophy is based on the premise that all students should be provided with opportunities to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills essential to survive and prosper in a changing world. The school encourages students to recognize both their needs and abilities and to develop appropriate skills guided by the expertise of the professional staff. The school has a duty to educate and to motivate students in developing their inherent potential for effective use in higher education, vocations, and vocational interests.

Spring-Ford also has an obligation to awaken all students to their responsibilities to society and to develop concerned and functioning citizens who will base judgments on sound, critical standards, who will make logical decisions, and who will shape their society with enthusiasm, and with discretion. The school encourages all students to develop self-confidence and value themselves as individuals, knowing that a positive self-image is the foundation of responsible citizenship and humane acceptance of those who differ in their cultural heritage.

Finally, the school endeavors to create an environment in which the goals of quality education can be attained for the benefit of the students it educates and the community it serves.

High School 9th Grade Center
400 South Lewis Road, Royersford, PA 19468-2706
610-705-6011 Fax: 610-705-6233

High School 10-12 Grade Center
350 South Lewis Road, Royersford, PA 19468-1829
610-705-6001 Fax: 610-705-6258

District Office

Spring-Ford Area School District Office
857 South Lewis Road, Royersford, PA 19468-2732
610-705-6000 Fax: 610-705-6245