Athletic Eligibility

Eligibility For Athletics & Other Extracurricular Activities
Interscholastic programs are sponsored in football, baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, wrestling, track, tennis, golf, field hockey, lacrosse and volleyball. Practices are conducted after school hours; games are played afternoons and evenings, dependent upon the sport and the schedule. In addition to sports, a large variety of clubs and activities are open to all students and meet on schedules consistent with the type of activity. Academic eligibility requirements listed below apply to all clubs, activities and sports. Eligibility is determined by P.I.A.A. and Spring-Ford regulations. Certain important rules are:

  1. One must be an amateur under 19 years of age prior to the day July 1, occurring before the current school term.
  2. One must be regularly enrolled in a public high school and in regular attendance thereafter.
  3. Absence for 20 or more days during a semester for reason other than quarantine shall cause ineligibility until he has been in attendance for a period of 45 days following his 20th absence.
  4. One must never have played on a professional team.
  5. One cannot participate in an athletic contact sport and be a member of any other similar team the same season.
  6. One must maintain for the current marking period a passing grade of a minimum of 70% in each of four or more major subjects.
  7. One must be examined by the school physician each sport season before one commences to train or practice for the sport, and one’s physical condition must be satisfactory.
  8. Written consent of the athletes’ parent or guardian is required.
  9. Misconduct, or other evidences of poor school citizenship, may because for ineligibility at the discretion of the coach or principal.
  10. Students participating on athletic teams must have medical insurance coverage. Students may purchase school insurance at any time or provide proof of coverage through another policy.
  11. The student activity fee must be paid before the first event or the student may not be able to participate in the athletic event or performance.

Athletic Awards

  1. A plaque and an engraved plate will be awarded to each student who meets the school requirements for earning a letter in a sport.
  2. For each subsequent sport in which requirements are met, an engraved plate shall be presented.
  3. The final judgment on eligibility for awards will rest with the principal in consultation with the athletic director and coaches.