Good afternoon Spring-Ford,

When students return to school on Wednesday or Thursday, they will have the option to remove their masks while participating in outdoor recess and outdoor physical education classes. Individuals who feel comfortable may remove their masks while participating in after-school activities outdoors such as outdoor athletics, outdoor band, and other outdoor extracurriculars. Masks will still be worn by students and staff when indoors, and social distancing will still be encouraged.

Before they return to school, please have a conversation with your child about the right choice for your family, explaining that masking or unmasking during recess and physical education is a personal choice. Encourage them always to be supportive of their friends and classmates regardless of their choice.

  • If the best choice for your family is to remain masked outside, stress the importance of making responsible decisions when presented the opportunity to unmask.
  • If the best choice for your family is to unmask outside, stress the importance of supporting friends and peers who choose to remain masked.
  • Set a positive example by supporting your friends and family regarding their personal decision to mask or unmask.

No matter what choice is best for your child, please remind them that it is never ok to make fun of or question someone for choosing to or not to wear a mask. 

As of this message, we plan to continue following the current indoor masking procedures. If there is another change in recommendation from PDE, DOH, CDC, or MCOPH, we will again consider these changes and promptly communicate with our school community. Guidance from our local and state leaders has been updated multiple times over the last few days, and I anticipate it will continue to change over the coming weeks as all school districts are planning for the 2021-2022 school year. I appreciate your patience as we navigate these swift and seemingly frequent changes together. 

Thank you,
Mr. Rizzo
Acting Superintendent