Good Afternoon Spring-Ford Community,

The Pennsylvania State Police have notified us of two social media challenges gaining popularity among students across the United States, including in Pennsylvania. These challenges involve criminal acts of vandalism and theft of school property and, may present health and safety concerns to school communities.

The "Bathroom Challenge" and "Devious Licks" are two very similar trends circulating online. The Bathroom Challenge encourages the destruction of school property by stealing seemingly random items like soap and toilet paper dispensers, but it's since spread to objects like tiles, sinks, or even printers or computers. The Devious Lick challenge encourages TikTok users to post videos of themselves stealing small or large items and damaging school classrooms and bathrooms.

Damage, theft, and destruction are considered to be major discipline issues and may include demerits and school suspensions, along with restitution fees for the replacement of damaged property.

Please discuss this with your students. We appreciate your assistance in maintaining an environment free of this destructive behavior so that we may keep our focus on teaching and learning.

Thank you,
Mr. Rizzo

Note: this message was sent to all current 5th through 12th grade families.

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