May 26

REMINDER: No school on Monday, May 31. Food Service will be handing out depot meals for Monday, May 31st on Friday, May 28th. There will be no depot pick up on Memorial Day, Monday May 31st.

Weekly Update with Mr. Rizzo
This week Mr. Rizzo talks about:

  • Vaccines for students
  • Summer RAMS and the iReady Program

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Superintendent Update
In a unanimous vote last night, the Board of School Directors appointed Mr. Rizzo to be Spring-Ford’s new Superintendent of Schools! Over the next few months, Mr. Rizzo will focus on the safe return of students and staff in the 2021-2022 school year and address the academic and emotional impact of the pandemic here in Spring-Ford. As well, he hopes to:


  • Use our experiences from the past year to advance the Spring-Ford Learning model and 21st Century Learning.
  • Equip our teachers at the K-4 level with the skill set to implement the Spring-Ford Learning model.
  • Better understand the needs of our students and how we can support them through the work of the EDI Committee.
  • Build relationships with our staff, students, and community by meeting individually and collectively.
  • Rebuild trust within our school community.

Mr. Rizzo joined the Spring-Ford family in June 2019 as Assistant Superintendent. On February 22, 2021, Spring-Ford Area School District Board of Directors selected Mr. Rizzo to serve as the Acting Superintendent for the District. Congratulations Mr. Rizzo!


4th Grade Meet the Instrument Night
Any student entering 4th Grade for 2021-2022 can sign up to learn a Band or Orchestra instrument! On Wednesday, June 2 the Music Department is holding a Meet the Instrument Night at the 7th Grade Center. All current COVID-precautions will be in place and pre-registration is required. Students will get to try out three instruments of their choice. Students must sign up for this event in advance. Click here to register for Meet the Instrument Night.

Can’t make June 2? Click here to learn more about the instruments offered at Spring-Ford.

Ready to join the Music Program for the 2021-2022 school year?! Click here!

Spring-Ford Virtual Art Exhibit
The Spring-Ford Art Department is proud to present the Spring-Ford Virtual Art Exhibit: Grades 7 - 12! Enjoy this high-quality 3D art exhibition from home featuring over 900 works of art, and 13 Senior AP Spotlights.

WHEN: Now through June 17
WHERE: Online! Click here to start the tour.


Aevidum Field of Gratitude
SFAHS Aevidum Club members will be selling flags through May 28th for the Aevidum Field of Gratitude. Each flag will serve as recognition of the appreciation we hold for the individuals who have had our backs this past year. Staff and students can write the name of any individual – a Spring-Ford staff member, student, family, or other community member – who helped them persevere during this challenging year on their flag. On June 1st, all flags will be placed in the grass in front of both the 10-12 Grade Center and the 9th Grade Center along South Lewis Road. The hope is for this display to represent the support, sacrifice, grace, resilience, and care demonstrated by all of those in our community that inspired us to grow.

Flags will be sold for $1 each or 3 for $2 and can be purchased during lunch at both the 10-12 Center and 9th Grade Center, or on Wednesday at the front desk. Proceeds from the fundraiser will be used to fund Aevidum Club initiatives next year, including plans for Suicide Awareness Month and the 2nd SFAHS Self-Care Night.

Summer RAMS Program - FAQs
Are students required to take the diagnostic assessment in iReady?
No, this is an optional program for K-8 Spring-Ford students who choose to participate. There are three ways of participating (1) in-person (2) virtual (3) asynchronous/i-Ready Customized path. If you plan on having your child participate in the in-person or virtual programs to please complete the diagnostic BEFORE the session. If you want to receive the “for Families Report” then you should have your child complete it by May 31st. Otherwise it can be completed at another time. The reason the diagnostic assessments need to be completed prior to the in-person or virtual sessions is so that our teachers know your child’s instructional needs. This will allow them to maximize the amount of instructional time. 

Are students completing the diagnostic assessment in school? No, it will not be done in school. Since this program is optional, we do not want to administer the test during school and take away from instructional time. 

What if the diagnostic is too hard? The assessment is designed to adapt to your child’s needs. As a general rule, students would only get about 50% of the questions correct. We know that this is a different way of looking at an assessment and it can be frustrating to students. Please just encourage students to take a guess. (if you know they don’t know the content and are afraid that they will guess the correct answer, you can prompt them to select the wrong answer and just move on.) We wish that there was a “skip” button when the question is too difficult- We have provided feedback to i-Ready regarding this. The key is not to let them get stuck and upset. (please know that as parents ourselves, we know this is sometimes easier said than done!) 

My child is frustrated, what should I do? Have them take a guess and move on. Praise their hard work and reassure them that it is okay… It doesn’t mean they are doing poorly. Every student will eventually get content that they don’t know- That is how the assessment is designed to work. 

For my younger child, the assessment read the prompt, but now it doesn’t... what should I do? We have found that the shift moving away from reading the prompt has felt very abrupt to many. Please know that you and your child are not alone in this. Please don’t read the prompt once the audio is no longer available because it will result in content that is too difficult. Have them take a guess and move on. We wish there was a “skip” or “I don’t know” button, but unfortunately there is not. We have provided this feedback to i-Ready as well. It is okay to say- Let’s just skip this and prompt them to choose an incorrect answer. Even though a student may be able to answer the comprehension question, they can not without it being read… and that is okay! Most importantly, please just let them know it is not a big deal to select an answer and move on if they don’t know or can’t answer it. 

Is there a deadline to complete the iReady Assessment? There is only a deadline if you want to receive the “For Families” report. If you want to receive that report, students should complete the assessment(s) by May 31st. Otherwise, the diagnostic assessment will be available all summer. We do ask, however, that students complete the diagnostic assessment BEFORE participating in the virtual or in-person sessions. 

Why do we need the diagnostic before participating?
Virtual/In-Person: Each session is only 8 days long and will likely be with a teacher that doesn’t previously know your child. This data will help the teacher know ahead of time your child’s needs so that we can target instruction as best as possible. 

Asynchronous/i-Ready: The diagnostic assessment helps the system determine what content to assign your child based on his/her needs. Once your child completes the assessment, the individualized learning path will be created and available immediately. 

Click here to learn more, take the diagnostic assessment, and read other FAQs.

Vaccine Updates
Per the CDC and the Montgomery County Office of Public Health (MCOPH), if a fully vaccinated student is identified as a close contact in school, the student will not be required to do the 10-day quarantine. While quarantine will not be required, notification to the parents/ guardians about exposure will continue. As always, it is important to watch for symptoms and proceed with testing if symptoms arise.

The CDC and the MCOPH define that a person can only be considered fully vaccinated 14-days following the administration of the second dose in a two-dose series vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna), or 14-days following the administration of the single dose series vaccine (Johnson & Johnson). If your child is identified as a close contact prior to when they would be considered a fully vaccinated individual, they would still require the 10-day quarantine.

Find Available Vaccine Appointments
Many local locations have vaccines available, some offering same-day appointments or walk-in appointments.

MCOPH: MCOPH will release vaccine appointments within phases randomly, not by date registered. Click here to register for a vaccine appointment.

The Medicine Shoppe of Boyertown will hold a First Dose Vaccination Clinic at Friendship Hook & Ladder Co on Friday, June 4, 2021. Click here to register.

Local Vaccine Search: Enter your zip code for a listing of local sites.

COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage Survey
Montgomery County Office of Public Health (MCOPH) is interested in learning more about COVID-19 vaccination coverage among teachers, staff, and eligible students in Montgomery County. MCOPH, in collaboration with CDC has developed a brief, anonymous survey that will take about five minutes to complete. The survey includes questions about you or your child’s COVID-19 vaccination history or plans. MCOPH asks that those interested in the survey complete the one for each household member who is either a student, teacher, and staff member at a Montgomery County School.

Click here for more information.

50th Anniversary Reception
Did your parents, or grandparents, graduate from Spring-Ford in 1971? We’re looking for them! Spring-Ford Area High School invites our Class of 1971 graduates to join their classmates on June 15, 2021 to celebrate their 50th High School Graduation. Please pass this RSVP along to your family members, and encourage them to RSVP no later than Tuesday, May 31, 2021. We will be delighted to have them attend one or both events!

Click here to share the RSVP.

Summer Football Program
Spring-Ford varsity coaches will be presenting various topics / fundamentals / drills for any Spring-Ford youth player, coach, and/or parent. This event is free! No pre-registration, show up for any or all.

Click here for dates.

Updated School Board Meeting Dates
The Spring-Ford Area School District Board Meeting schedule will now reflect the following changes: the June Board Meeting will be held on June 21, 2021 rather than June 28, 2021, the remaining 2021 Board Meetings will return to the 3rd and 4th Mondays of the month, effective August 16, 2021.  The meetings will take place at 7:30 PM in the Spring-Ford Area High School Cafeteria located at 350 South Lewis Road in Royersford PA.  Participation in these meetings will continue to be live and via Zoom.

Committee Meetings: The June Extracurricular Committee Meeting is cancelled. The June Policy Committee Meeting will move to Monday, June 7, 2021 rather than June 14, 2021. 

The remaining Policy and Extracurricular Committee Meetings for 2021 will now be held on the 2nd Monday of the month, effective September 13, 2021 with Policy taking place at 6:30 PM followed by Extracurricular at 7:30 PM.  The meetings will take place in the Spring-Ford Area High School Main Conference Room located at 350 South Lewis Road in Royersford, PA.  Participation in these meetings will continue to be live and via Zoom.

COVID Updates
Montgomery County Testing Sites 
Montgomery County COVID testing sites are open and have appointments each day. Click here to learn more.

Montgomery and Chester County COVID Dashboard Trends:

Click here to view the full Montgomery County dashboard.
Click here to view the full Chester County dashboard.
Click here to view the SFASD dashboard.

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