Good Morning America Spotlights Spring-Ford Area School District
Pennsylvania Treasurer Stacy Garrity and ABC News’ Good Morning America teamed up to surprise Spring-Ford Area School District with a check for $231,057.39 worth of unclaimed property at halftime of the district’s state playoff football game on November 10, 2023!

“Fortunately, the Spring-Ford Area School District was the recipient of unclaimed funds,” said Spring-Ford Superintendent Robert Rizzo. “In our case, checks were mailed to a former tax collector in two separate instances but never made it to the school district. We were thrilled when we found out that GMA and the Treasury Department wanted to highlight the school district, and we were excited for the members of our community who would benefit as well. Fans who attended the football game could check their names on the spot, and because of the early publicity around the GMA segment, I've heard from many others in our community who didn't attend the game but checked the Treasury website to check their status. As for the school district, we will be working with the School Board to determine how best to utilize the funds, and already have some unique ideas that would benefit our students, staff, and community.”

Spring-Ford’s administrative team will work with the School Board to determine how the money will be used.

“As the School Board President, I was pleased and surprised to learn that our district received a substantial check through the Unclaimed Funds program,” said Spring-Ford School Board President Erica Hermans. “This unexpected windfall will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing efforts to enhance educational opportunities for our students. We are committed to working with our administrative team to ensure these funds are utilized responsibly to enrich the learning experience within our schools further. This will undoubtedly significantly impact our dedication to providing a high-quality education for all our students.”

Treasurer Garrity and GMA’s Ike Ejiochi were busy all evening long, returning $25,833.92 worth of unclaimed property to more than 120 attendees – including two people who received more than $5,000 each. If you haven't already, click here to learn more about unclaimed property or to search Treasury’s database.

Click here to watch the full segment on Good Morning America!

Cold Weather is Coming
Cold weather is coming, do you know the plan? Spring-Ford Area School District plans to utilize Flexible Instruction Days (FIDs) in case of an emergency or weather-related closure. Spring-Ford will use a FID for an unplanned school closure and will eliminate the need for a make-up days at the end of the year. On a weather related FIDs, students will follow a modified schedule with virtual lessons via Zoom or Teams synchronously for a portion of each period.

Click here to learn more about what to expect on a FID, including sample schedules.

Click here to watch a helpful video to review the quickest ways to get up-to-date information on delays and closures.

Many Thanks, Spring-Ford
Have you experienced great customer service from a Spring-Ford employee? Have you observed a Spring-Ford student going the extra mile for a peer? Want to send a special "thanks" out to the stranger who paid for your morning coffee? 

Many Thanks is unsolicited acknowledgement of anyone in the Spring-Ford community who has demonstrated a caring or sensitive attitude, gone the extra mile, made a special effort to include someone, or simply deserves recognition. 

  • Many thanks, Jaclyn Gospodarek, for always offering to be there if I needed to talk about anything. You did everything in your power to help me through my rough times from giving me fidget toys to just sitting me down and telling me that everything will be okay. I'm thankful to have a person like you in my life as a role model. Thank you for everything you do you're an extraordinary nurse! From, Amelia M.
  • Many thanks, Mrs. Bozzuto, for taking notice when our daughter was having a tough day in class and lending an ear, and then taking a few minutes out of your day to send a quick email to let us know what was up. Little things like that make teachers like you extra special in the lives of their students. Thank YOU for caring that much about your students and what they go through each day! From, Gina F.

Dia dhuit Spring-Ford, Hallo Spring-Ford!
Limerick-to-Limerick: The Limerick-to-Limerick Irish Exchange Program is back in 2023! This past week, 14 students and 2 teachers from Limerick, Ireland joined the Spring-Ford community and will remain with us through Monday, November 27th.

During their time here, students will shadow their host classmates in school and will visit local attractions. Please welcome our guests and show them what life at Spring-Ford and Limerick, PA is like!

Spring-Ford to Stuttgart: Spring-Ford students left this past week to spend time in Stuttgart, Germany. The crew of 14 students and two chaperones will represent the Spring-Ford Area School District in Germany and France.

Spring-Ford Area High School administration began working with the Friedrich-Eugens-Gymnasium (High School) in 2019 to develop a program similar to the current Limerick to Limerick Exchange Program, where students can better understand cultures and insights into everyday life abroad. The Friedrich-Eugens-Gymnasium (High School) is one of the oldest schools in Baden-Württemberg. Founded in 1796 the school developed to a high-performance high school over the past 200 years.

Ursinus College MLK Week Essay Contest
The Ursinus College Beloved Community MLK Week Essay Contest for students in grades 5 through 8 is now open. Please submit a registration form to submit an entry. Winners will be notified after MLK Day 2024. The deadline is December 1, 2023.

The Beloved Community program at Ursinus, which includes our annual MLK Week, is designed to bring greater awareness to the activities and programs that engage difference, promote our community values of creating a welcoming environment, and respond in thoughtful ways to Quest, our Core Curriculum. The winners in each grade category will be honored with a certificate and prize. 

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