SFASD Transportation Expectations
Parents and students are asked to review Spring-Ford's Transportation Regulations specific to behavior on the bus, found in each grade-level 2023-2024 Code of Conduct.

  • The driver is in complete charge while the bus is in operation.
  • All students will show proper conduct while riding in a school bus.
  • Noise and confusion must be kept to a minimum.
    • Yelling, fighting, or rough play is not permitted.
    • Obscene and foul language is not permitted.
    • Throwing objects on the bus or from the bus is not permitted.
    • Creating a disturbance in any way, shape, or form is not permitted.
  • Students are not permitted to ride any bus but their assigned bus.
  • Improper behavior on a bus may result in an immediate suspension of bus privileges and if the situation reoccurs, the bus privileges may be suspended for the remainder of the year.
  • Parents and visitors are not permitted to enter or ride a school bus.
  • Smoking, eating, or gum chewing is not permitted.
  • Bus Drivers and Transportation personnel are authorized to confiscate a student’s Personal Electronic Device (PED) when used in violation of the policy (Policy #237) or in an attempt to diffuse a behavioral or unsafe situation. All confiscated Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) shall be delivered to the building principal’s office as soon as practical.
  • Animals are not permitted on school buses or vehicles used to transport students.
  • Skateboards, scooters, and roller blades are not permitted on school buses and vehicles used to transport students.

Consequences for Improper Bus Conduct:

  • Parents will be notified regarding improper bus conduct.
  • The student will be assigned a seat on the bus by the building administrator.
  • Loss of bus riding privileges for a period of time of 1-5 days.
  • Loss of bus riding privileges for a period of time of 6-10 days.
  • Loss of bus riding privileges for 11+ days.
  • Loss of bus riding privileges for the current school year.
  • Discipline in accordance with policies established by the Spring-Ford Area School District.

Note: The building administrator has the authority to suspend bus-riding privileges immediately when behavior is deemed asocial or inappropriate. This bus suspension could be for the remainder of the school year if the situation warrants. In addition, the driver has the authority to assign a seat immediately if the situation warrants.

Remembering September 11 Parent Resource
Memories of 9/11 are still vivid for many adults today, but children in grades K-12 were not alive then and have no personal memories of the event. Parents can click here for an age appropriate guide to talking to your child about September 11 from today.com. 

Free Tutoring in 2023-2024
Spring-Ford will offer two types of tutoring this year, On-Demand Homework Help and 1:1 Learning Loss Tutoring.

  • On-demand Homework Help (1:1; Live; Online; On-Demand): On-demand Homework Help is ideal for students who may be struggling with homework assignments or studying for an assessment and needs extra help. Students will be able to see a live tutor and communicate in real time using a virtual space. No appointment or registration is necessary and can be used for any subject.  Students will also have access to a writing lab and world-language lab. There would be no charge to the family for on-demand homework help. Click here for a brief overview of the On Demand Tutoring/Homework Help experience. You do not need to register for On-Demand Homework Help! Your student can simply log into their Canvas page, click on your desired course, and click on BRAINFUSE- ON-DEMAND TUTORING on the left navigation bar.
  • 1:1 Learning Loss Tutoring (1:1; Live; Online; Scheduled in Advance): Registration is required for 1:1 Learning Loss Tutoring. 1:1 Learning Loss Tutoring is not intended for those interested in Enrichment or Accelerating through the curriculum. This is designed for on-going tutoring with the same tutor on specific topics in which a student is considered to be behind. Students would receive a set of hours to schedule at a time that works best for your family (evenings, weekends, summer etc.). Due to high demand, to qualify for this type of tutoring there must be a demonstrated learning need. Out of respect for those who truly need support, we ask that you please adhere to these guidelines. There is a charge to the family for 1:1 Learning Loss Tutoring. Click here to learn more and complete an interest form.

Tutoring is being funded through ARP ESSER Learning Loss and ESSER 7% Set Aside Funding. Tutoring would be offered at no charge for the family. 

Join SFASD at Royersford Community Day
Join the Spring-Ford Area School District and Ram Country TV (RCTV) at the Annual Royersford Community Day on Saturday, September 9, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.!

This is a RAIN or SHINE event. Click here to learn more.

September is Suicide Prevention Month
September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, a time to spread hope and vital information to people affected by suicide.

From NAMI Foundation: Most measures of suicide in teens have increased over the last 10 years. Parents should know the warning signs, and be comfortable having difficult conversations with their children.

Throughout the month of September, SFASD will highlight resources from NAMI Foundation and Montgomery County Health and Human Services (MCHHS) to encourage people to bring their voices together to advocate for our community.

Click here for additional resources.

Device Insurance Fee
Families with students in grades 5-12 are asked to pay a Device Insurance Fee annually for their school issued devices. Families who pay the annual $25 Device Insurance Fee will be covered for all necessary repairs unless it has been deemed by the technology department that damages were caused intentionally or by extreme negligence. 

Families who do not pay the annual $25 Device Insurance Fee will be required to pay for any repairs that are deemed necessary. This list also indicates the most common repairs and is not meant to be an all inclusive list. Repairs that do not appear on this document will require a quote from the vendor. 

All repairs must be completed through the district vendors. Students are not permitted to perform their own repairs or obtain repairs on their own from non-district vendors. Click here to learn more.

Log into SchoolPay.com pay the Device Insurance Fee before October 15, 2023.

Note: Due to a SchoolPay error, you may see Device Insurance Fee – Chromebook in your dashboard, even though you processed the payment.  To confirm that your payment has been processed, please review either your History or Payment transactions.  If you have paid the fee, you do not need to do anything further.

Free and reduced families must complete the Device Insurance Fee – Chromebook process on School Pay even if they are exempt.

Spring-Ford Gold Card Club
Current Spring-Ford residents who are 60 years or older are welcome to join the Gold Card Program at absolutely no cost. Members receive free general admission to all regular season home athletic events (excluding playoffs), theatrical productions and musical events hosted by SFASD. To receive a gold card, residents 60 and older must complete an online form, or visit the District Office to complete a form in person. It is not necessary to renew the card each year. Once residents receive a Gold Card, they may enjoy its benefits year after year. Click here to learn more.

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