5/6 Grade Teams

5th Grade Team


6th Grade Team


As shared with current 5th and 6th grade families on August 12, 2022, team names have changed for both 5th and 6th grades! We wanted to make sure each team has a good starting point to help students understand the vision of our school and what we want to teach them:  Treat Others Right, Make Smart Decisions, and Maximize Potential.  These values set the stage for a common language to be used across the entire school.  We came up with "SPIRIT" as the 5/6 team acronym.  School SPIRIT can improve a student's commitment to education, it creates a positive learning environment for both students and teachers and is one of the many things that make going to school so exciting.  It also helps to develop and foster relationships among people.  Putting all that together, here are the new 5/6 teams:

Team Service:  Mrs. Jornod, Mrs. Krauss, Mrs. Quigley, Mrs. Megill, Mrs. White, Mrs. Muntz, Mrs. Stenman, Mr. Bigelow, Mrs. Mitton, Miss Coath, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Schott, Mrs. Schulz

Team Perseverance:  Mr. Kraeer, Mrs. Rivera, Mrs. Snyder, Miss Dibbern, Mr. Frost, Mrs. Puco, Mrs. Brulenski, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Wanamaker, Mrs. Hellauer, Mrs. Connors, Mrs. Burton

Team Initiative:  Miss Sherman, Mrs. Parsia, Mrs. Rudinsky, Ms. Carfagno, Mrs. Pendleton, Miss Strange, Mrs. Finnegan, Mr. Tobin, Mrs. Cross, Miss Hillegas, Mrs. McMonigle, Miss Wilson

Team Responsibility:  Mrs. Plitnick, Mr. Rizzo, Mrs. Capperella, Mrs. Shueman, Ms. Hunsicker, Mr. Fickert, Mrs. Maini, Mr. Wolfe, Mrs. Rosenblum, Mrs. Donatelli, Mrs. Gebhard, Mrs. Cortazzo, Mr. Downs

Team Integrity:  Mr. Walker, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Waltermyer, Mrs. Bailey, Miss Gottlieb, Ms. Morrison, Mr. Bean, Mrs. Weller, Miss Siuchta, Mrs. Ohms, Mrs. Lipp, Mrs. Groff

Team Trust:  Mrs. Kaba, Mr. Hillegas, Mr. Campbell, Mrs. Rey, Mrs. Craig, Mrs. Talone, Mr. Susek, Mrs. Stockmal, Mrs. Santori, Miss Coletti, Mrs. Campbell, Miss Gwinn, Mrs. Schulz