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SF 5/6 Home and School Association Quick Reference

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Welcome back to a new and exciting school year! As a 5/6 parent or guardian, you are automatically a member of the Home & School Association. We have some great events planned for the upcoming year and encourage your participation in our association. Remember, children whose parents are involved in their education tend to do better in school! For information on obtaining volunteer clearances, please go click on the “Volunteer” tab on the right-hand side.

Good News: Two of the clearances are now free to volunteers--a savings of $20. The FBI fingerprinting criminal clearance report ($27) is required if you have not lived in Pennsylvania continually for the last 10 years. If you’ve lived in PA continually for the last 10 years, your clearances will not cost you anything.

  • Home & School Contacts:      Email: 56centerhsa@gmail.com


  • * Gwen Dyer - President
    • * Kate Doyle - Co-President
      • * Noreen Oswald - Co-Vice President
        • * Monica Whitford - Co-Vice President
          • * Sissy Morelock - Treasurer
            • * Stephanie Huggard - Secretary