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The following is provided by Lakeside Global Institute. An agency committed to making a difference in the field of trauma.

General Tips for Online Learning

1. Set up a daily routine. Online students are successful when they have a routine. Just like a regular school, it is important to have a routine. Setting up a routine will help with completing the assignments and tasks your teachers have provided to you. You won’t procrastinate either!!

2. Find the best location for your workstation that is away from distractions.

3. Put your phone somewhere else in the house while you are online. You did without it when you were in school all day, you can do without it while you are learning online.

4. Schedule short breaks throughout the day to go outside, text friends, do your chores…just make sure they short breaks so you don’t get sidetracked.

5. Make time for breakfast and lunch. Your brain needs nourishment.

Don't forget...

that you can reach out to your 7GC School Counselors via email anytime. Mrs. McCarter and Mrs. Flynn will reply to your email within a business day. If your concern is an emergency, there are posted resources above as well as on our email auto-reply message. As a reminder, our caseloads are:

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Development Asset Survey

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Career Curriculum

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