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8th Grade Center Fax number: 610-705-6255

Gerard Rogers
Acting 8th Grade Principal
Phone: 610-705-6002

Mary Jo Evans, Administrative Assistant
Diane Allen, Secretary

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Each year, our staff works diligently to complete our final responsibilities in preparation for the upcoming school year. We hope that our families enjoyed their time together during this vacation and we are looking forward to meeting and working with each of our new students and their families. In our attempt to provide students and their parents with pertinent information about this upcoming school, we are offering orientation information to view at your convenience.

An orientation video has been prepared that will provide students and parents with a detailed account of what to expect during their 8th grade school year. The total time for this video is approximately 45 minutes, but we have broken it down into 14 “chapters” so that students and parents can more easily access specific information. However, it would be most beneficial to watch all “chapters” to generate a complete understanding of what is expected during your child’s 8th grade school year.

We have also included two additional transition videos for student and parent review. Former 8th grade students discuss their candid perspectives of the academic and social experiences at the 8th Grade Center.
Transition Video
Student Perspective


In an effort to keep all of our students safe and healthy at school, updated information is required each year. This year we added the emergency/health information card to the first day verification packet. This replaces the green cards that you filled out in previous years.

Since this is a new system, we are asking for your patience and cooperation as we ensure that the correct information is on file in your child’s records.

Please review the information you initially entered into your child’s Health Information section. Please remember to hit SUBMIT when you have completed your review.

Two sections in particular are blank on many forms. They are the permission or denial for the nurse to give standing order medications to your child/ren and the section regarding the epi pen. Please be sure to check yes or no granting or denying permission for administration of specific medications at school and to review the section about epi pens and give us information about whether or not your child will carry his/her epi pen at school, if one is prescribed for your child.

To review and edit the information on your child’s Health Information Form in Skyward, please follow these steps:

  • Open skyward family access
  • Click “go to first day verification”
  • Choose your child
  • Click “mark as incomplete and make changes”
  • Click #7 “health information”
  • Click “view full screen” if an option
  • Make changes/add information to *required fields
  • Scroll up and Click “complete step 7 and move to step 8” at top of screen
  • Click #11 to resubmit
  • Scroll down and be sure to do this for each of your children

Thank you very much for helping us to keep your child/ren happy and safe while at school! (next year this will be easier)

Feel free to call me with any questions,

Bridget Mullins RN, BSN, CSN, M.Ed.

Certified School Nurse