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Our goal as a staff is to create an environment where students, parents, and community members work in concert with each other to develop a culture that maintains academic excellence and a cooperative atmosphere. We believe the programs offered at the 8th Grade Center are designed toward high academic standards. We encourage students to take an active role in creating a school community that values each individual and promotes the success of everyone.

Please note: additional information will be made available as the year progresses. Specific dates, times and advisors will be added during the first few weeks of school.




Intramurals at the 8th Grade Center

The 8th grade center has begun their intramural program! The following are intramurals being offered, as of now, and where and what time they will be taking place:

  • 1. Walk and Talk: Available every day. Get to school early and don’t feel like sitting in the gym or auditorium until your day starts? Then go upstairs (from 7:30 arrivals until 7:45 arrivals) to the third floor and walk and talk with your friends.
  • 2. Fitness Club: Available Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00 am. Come in through the gym lobby. Interested students will be using a variety of fitness techniques, including their own personal workout program, to meet their individualized fitness goals.
  • 3. Dodgeball: Tuesdays and Thursdays after-school until 4. Meet in the downstairs gym.

All of these activities need no commitment. Come when you want and when you can.




INTRAMURAL PROGRAM: The Physical Education staff offers an extensive before and after-school intramural program. The intramural program is open to everyone, no physicals or prior sign-up is necessary. Just show up, have fun and exercise! Programs offered include: early morning basketball, weight training and agility, after school dodge ball, basketball, floor hockey and other PE games and activities. Please feel free to have your son or daughter attend any of our sessions.

WSFTV: This group presents a daily, morning, announcement program broadcast through our school's televisions and smart boards from a small studio in the school office. It is staffed by students who audition for a position in the beginning of the year. These students report news and sports stories, the weather forecast, birthdays, office announcements, and various important school-related information during homeroom time. Broadcasters learn the basics of telecommunications, and can prepare themselves for participation in the advanced opportunities at the high school level.

DRAMA CLUB: The Drama Club produces two productions a year, traditionally referred to as our Winter Play and Spring Play. Interested students will audition separately for each production, and will spend approximately 8-10 weeks after school on select days rehearsing for each show's big "Friday Night" performance. Actors and actresses can hone their skills by participating in the plays and improve their chances for making it big on Broadway! If a "behind the scenes" approach is more your style, there are opportunities to participate in stage crew.
CONCERT CHOIR: Our concert choir is an all-inclusive ensemble designed to give a student the fundamentals of vocal development, choral singing, and exposure to culturally diverse music. There is no audition required and rehearsals generally occur on Mondays and Tuesdays after school from 3-4. They perform at the winter and spring concerts and on the annual spring trip.

GOLD AND BLUES: The Gold and Blues is an auditioned group of no more than 30 members who meet before school from 7-7:45 on Thursdays and Fridays. Gold and Blues furthers the skills worked on in Concert Choir with more challenging songs and in a small environment. Auditions are held in September and January of each school year.