Brooke Butterfly Garden: A Teaching Garden

Brooke students and staff have enjoyed the garden as a place of discovery and quiet reflection. In addition, the following lessons have been taught in the garden:

  • My Five Senses: Kindergarten
  • Living Things: 1st Grade
  • Butterfly Life Cycle: 2nd Grade
  • Plant Adaptations: 3rd Grade
  • Native & Invasive Species: 4th Grade


Host Plants


Become a friend

Do you enjoy flowers and beautiful butterflies? Join our Brooke Butterfly Garden family and help nurture the garden through the summer and fall! Friends help to water, weed, plant, or just take pictures of the butterflies! Contact Mrs. DeAngelis to learn more!

The Brooke Butterfly Garden is certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a Schoolyard Habitat. It provides food, water, and shelter for butterflies, birds, and other organisms.

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