Title I Program

What is Title I?
Title I is a federally funded educational program designed to supplement local and state funds for education. The purpose of the Title I Program is to help students succeed in the regular classroom by aiding in the development of basic and advanced skills in Reading and Math. A school qualifies for Title I funds based upon the number of students in that school who are approved to receive free or reduced lunch. Once the program is established, it is available to all students in the school, based upon their educational needs.
Eligible students will receive additional time of instruction in Reading and/or Math throughout the school week. The Title I teachers work closely with the classroom teachers to provide supportive and supplemental instruction to help meet the needs of each individual student.

Which Spring-Ford Area schools receive Title I funds?
  1. Brooke Elementary School
  2. Royersford Elementary School
  3. Spring City Elementary School
  4. Spring-Ford Intermediate School

Selection Criteria
Students are re-evaluated annually and must qualify on the selection criteria below for each year’s service:
1. Standardized Test Scores: PSSA, aimswebPlus, Fountas & Pinnell, NWEA/MAP
2. Classroom teacher (or parent referral)
3. Classroom and District assessments
4. Referral from Reading Specialist and/or Math Support Teacher
Students may be referred for service or be tentatively exited at any point during the year.

Parent and Family Engagement

The Spring-Ford Area School district recognizes the importance of parent/guardian input into the education of their children. Parents and teachers must work together as partners with the aim of providing the best possible education for the children. To that end, the following activities are included in the Spring-Ford Area School District’s Title I program:
1. Notifying each child’s parents in a timely manner that the child has been selected to participate in Title I.
2. Informing parents that Title I activities and regular classroom activities will be coordinated.
3. Reporting to each child’s parent(s) on the child’s progress.
4. Establishing conferences between individual parent(s) and teacher(s).
5. Providing suggestions to parent(s) to help them promote the education of their children at home.
6. Facilitating participation by parent(s) in school activities.
7. Soliciting parent suggestions in the planning, development and operation of the Title I Program.

Parent Notification
At the beginning of each school year, a participating LEA must notify the parents/ guardians of each student attending a building that receives Title I funds that they may request, and the district will provide in a timely manner, information regarding the professional qualifications of their child’s classroom teachers and any paraprofessionals providing services to their child.
Additionally, parents/guardians need to be notified of the following:
1. A building that receives Title I funds must provide all parents/guardians notice that their child has been assigned, or has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks, by a teacher or a person who is not appropriately certified.
2. Parents receive an invitation to attend an open house and provide input to the Title I program.
3. Parents are invited to individual conferences with the Title I reading and/or math specialists.
If you have any questions on the Title I Reading/Math Programs, or the professional qualifications of your child’s teacher(s), contact the principal at your child’s school.

Title I Teachers
Reading Specialists
Tammy Baumeister, Royersford Elementary School- Reading Specialist
Masters Degree of Science in Education
Certifications: Elementary K-6, Instructional II
Reading Specialist, Instructional II

Jennifer Donovan McGlade, Spring-Ford Intermediate School- Reading Specialist
Masters Degree of Science in Education
Certifications: Elementary K-6, Instructional II
Reading Specialist, Instructional II

Marylu Onorato, Spring City Elementary School- Reading Specialist
Masters Degree of Reading
Certifications: Elementary K-6, Instructional II
Reading Specialist, Instructional II

Math Specialists
Sharon Abrams, Brooke and Spring City  Elementary Schools- Math Specialist
Masters Degree of Education Technology Integration
Certifications:  N-K Instructional II;  Elementary K-6 Instructional II
Special Education K-12 Instructional II

Nicole Schieck, Royersford Elementary School- Math Specialist
Masters Degree of Curriculum and Instruction
Certifications: Elementary K-6, Instructional II

Dana Starkey Spring-Ford Intermediate School -Math Specialist
Masters Degree in Educational Leadership with Principal Certification
Certifications: Elementary K-6, Instructional II
Special Education, Instructional II

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