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Welcome to 9th Grade

Dear Spring-Ford High School Parent/Guardian:

Your son or daughter is about to enter a very exciting time. The high school years are a time to focus on career paths and appreciate the value of a high quality education. The entire Ninth Grade staff is looking forward to this new journey with exhilaration. The staff recognizes the ever changing demands in a global economy. Each staff member is dedicated to providing the fundamental skills and content knowledge required in their course of study. Our staff is committed to supporting students’ academic endeavors as well as their emotional and social development.

Each year we gather in homeroom on the first day of school to review valuable and necessary information, and this year is no exception. SFASD uses a convenient online format that families will use to complete the First Day Verification Packet. Parents are asked to verify and update important information for each student enrolled in the Spring-Ford Area School District for the 2018- 2019 school year. Parents need to complete First Day Verification forms through Skyward Family Access at www.spring-ford.net. Please visit Skyward to review your son’s or daughter’s schedule on Friday, August 17, 2018 after 3 p.m. Your son’s/daughter’s school schedule will not be available until your First Day Verification is complete. If you do not already have a Skyward password, or if you do not have access to a computer, please contact the 9th Grade office for assistance. If you have moved please complete the Change of Address form found online prior to the first day of school.

Dr. Colyer and I will also meet with all students in an assembly to review ways for students to get involved, school expectations, and district policies. Please remind your son or daughter that they do not have homeroom every day; however, we will start our first day in homeroom. This includes Western Center students.

Please follow the traffic patterns if you plan to transport your son or daughter to school. Please refer to the separate attachment for parent drop-off and pick-up. The front of the school is a bus loading zone and automobiles are prohibited entry during bus drop-off and pick-up times. High traffic volume occurs on Lewis Road during the school year and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

We look forward to providing the best educational experience for your son or daughter. Parent Open House is scheduled for September 13, 2018 at 7 p.m. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Theresa M. Weidenbaugh, Ed.D.
Principal 9th Grade Center

Drop Off/Pick Up


Over the past several years, we have monitored our traffic and parking procedures carefully to ensure the safety of all and to expedite traffic movement.In an effort to alleviate the congestion in the parking lot connecting the 8th and 9th grade centers, we are requiring all 9th grade center students to be dropped off in the auditorium parking lot of the 9th grade center.We request all parents enter and exit the 9th grade center via Lewis Road.Students must enter door 11 and proceed to the gymnasium lobby or cafeteria.

Please adhere to the following directions and traffic patterns. You may refer to the map included with this notice.

From 7:10 A.M. until all buses have departed (approximately 7:35 A.M.); all students are to be dropped off in the auditorium parking lot at the 9th grade center.Parents are to exit the same route leaving the campus via Lewis Road.Please avoid the 8/9 center parking lot areas. At these times, these areas are for school buses only and Lewis Road is congested during these times.Students will enter door 11 and the report directly to the cafeteria or gymnasium lobby.

The bus lane located in the front of the building is not for student drop off or pick up, during standard arrival and departure times.Please adhere to these guidelines.

If you arrive after 7:35 please drop off at the main entrance (Door #3) and ring the buzzer and the office staff will unlock the door for you.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.This will expedite the pick-up and drop-off process and ensure a safer situation for all.

Handbook Acknowledgement

I am proud to welcome you to the Spring-Ford Area Senior High School 9th Grade Center for the 2018-19 school year. The Spring-Ford Area School District pledges to provide a safe and enriching learning environment, one which strives to lead each and every student down the path of life-long success. Keys to fostering such a learning environment include providing students a wide variety of programs and opportunities, the efforts of a dedicated staff, and the strong support of parents and the community.

Click here to locate the student handbook. If you should need a hard copy of the handbook, please contact your grade level house office.

This handbook is a valuable resource for students and parents. I cannot understate how important it is for students and parents to become familiar with the policies, procedures, rules, and regulations included within these pages. However, it is possible this handbook may not resolve all situations that arise during the course of the school year. If you have a concern that is not adequately or clearly addressed within these pages, you are encouraged to contact your house principal, counselor, or teacher.

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