What is a Spring-Ford Partner?

Spring-Ford Area High School is looking to partner with
the professionals from our community businesses and
organizations to provide career exploration opportunities
for its students.  Below is a list of all the ways you can partner with Spring-Ford:

Career Month Speaker

Each March the Future Planning Center (FPC) hosts a series of career speakers for an event called Career Month.  Career Month Speakers are asked to talk about what their typical day looks like, education and training required for their career, the best and worst parts of their job, and share their career journey- what led the speaker to this career?  The FPC likes to have speakers who represent a variety of different careers and educational pathways.  Speakers can participate in Career Month virtually or in-person.  Being a Career Month Speaker is a one time commitment of no more than 1 hour.

Career Mentor

Career Mentors meet one-to-one with a student to explain their career, discuss student career interests, and share related workplace and career development issues.  The career mentor serves as a resource for the student by sharing insights and providing encouragement and guidance about the workplace, work ethics, careers, and educational requirements.  Career mentoring experiences promote the exploration of a field of interest and increase student exposure to jobs, careers, and adult role models in the workplace.  Career Mentoring can be completed in any location or online through video calls.  Students must log at least 6 hours of time spent mentoring.  Those 6 hours can take place over multiple meetings.

Job Shadowing Mentor

Job shadowing is a career exploration activity in which students gain exposure to careers they are interested in pursuing.  Students will spend the work day shadowing a skilled/trained worker.  By visiting a workplace, investigating a career field and industry, and experiencing a typical day on the job, students will be able to determine if the career and industry fits their interests and career aspirations.  Job shadowing must take place over the course of three separate visits.  Each visit must be at least 3 hours long.

Why Become a Spring-Ford Partner?

The Job Shadowing & Career Mentoring Program was created in response to the disconnect between our students’ educational pathways and their prospective careers.  We want our students to see first-hand what it takes to be successful in the careers they plan to pursue.  Our hope is that with a real world perspective our students will choose their educational pathways more appropriately and gain higher levels of future success.  

Local professionals like you are key to the success of our students and the success of our local economy.  This is your opportunity to share all the things you know about your career with a high school student just as s/he is getting started.  This is a rare opportunity to help shape the workforce of tomorrow and potentially inspire our talented students to pursue careers right here in Montgomery County.  We hope you will decide to partner with Spring-Ford this year and in years to come to better prepare our students for the careers of tomorrow. 

Become a Spring-Ford Partner!

Fill out the BECOME A SPRING-FORD PARTNER FORM and someone from Spring-Ford's Future Planning Center will contact you with more information on the program and steps to get involved.

Please Note: Filling out this form does not commit you to participating and does not guarantee participation this year.  


Contact the Future Planning Center!

Marissa Sussman

College & Career Advisor

610 705 6001 x 2508