First Day Verification

Whether this is your first year as a Spring-Ford parent, or your last, the transition to a new school year can be a bit overwhelming. To help with this process, the Spring-Ford Area School District will utilize online First Day Verification for the 2017-2018 school year. This means parents no longer have to complete the very lengthy First Day Packet for every child in their family!

Parents/guardians may log into Skyward Family Access beginning on August 1, 2017 to complete the First Day Verification process. Families may complete the First Day Verification at a desktop or laptop computer, on a smartphone or tablet. Those in need of additional assistance may visit our Help Desk August 9, 2017 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the 5/6 Grade Center.

If you do not already have a Skyward password, or if you do not have access to a computer, please contact your child’s school office for assistance. If you have moved please complete the Change of Address form, found online at, prior to the first day of school.

Please note, teacher information, homerooms and schedules will not be available until your First Day Verification is complete.

2017-2018 Schedule/Homeroom Release Dates:
K-4: August 16th – 3 p.m.
5th: 8th – August 17th - 3 p.m.
9th: 12th - August 18th – 3 p.m

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How do I log into First Day Verification? Click here for a helpful guide.

My spouse/child’s other parent is listed as a “primary guardian,” but I should be listed as the primary. What do I do? Please contact your school office directly.

I recently moved or the address listed is incorrect. What do I do? Any changes, such as an address, primary phone or email address, should be sent directly to your school office. There is a short turn-around time for offices to update this information.

My primary phone number is incorrect. What do I do? Any changes, such as an address, primary phone or email address, should be sent directly to your school office.

Under the emergency contact step there is a place that says "pick up" with a drop down that has the option of YES, NO or blank. Does that mean the person listed as the emergency contact has the permission to pick up that student from school? Yes! Selecting YES or NO will indicate to the school office staff that your emergency contact person may, or may not, pick up your child from school.

I would like to change the contact information for my emergency contact. What do I do? If your emergency contact's phone number has is different from what is listed, please include an additional phone number in the Notes section.

I completed all the steps, but received the message below at the end. What do I do? In order to fully complete the verification process, you must click “Complete and move to step” at the bottom of each page. Clicking “next” under the right side index will not complete a step; it will simply advance you to the next step.