General Information


The Skyward system allows parents and students to access attendance, assignments, grades, and food service information. Usernames and passwords may be obtained by contacting your child's school office.

Attendance Displays in Family Access Grades K-8 Only: Note regarding Attendance displays in Family Access: only the Attendance Date, the Periods, and the Type are significant. Ignore class labels; they are in no way significant with respect to attendance. In the picture below, interpret that the student was dismissed early during the morning and was absent during the afternoon. Grades 9-12 Only: Attendance is taken every period. Attendance Date, Periods, Class Labels, and Type are all significant.

Skyward Report Card

Skyward Electronic Report Cards Access to the report cards is through the same method that you have been using to review your child’s progress online throughout the year. Login to Skyward by using the link below; click on Report Cards and then click the report card title to open the PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader required). If by chance you have forgotten your passwords to access the system, please contact your child’s school and they will be happy to help you. If you do not have access to the Internet and still need to have a printed copy of the report card provided to you, please contact your child’s school and make this request. Please note that electronic report cards for Marking Periods 1, 2, and 3 will be removed approximately one week prior to the end of the succeeding marking period. The Marking Period 4 report card for each year will remain permanently.

"Ath" Grade Bucket Parents of students in grades 7 through 12 please note that some classes will display a grade labeled "Ath" in addition to quarterly averages. Grades labeled "Ath" are the grades reported to the Athletic Office weekly for student activity participants. These grades are a snapshot in time and are used only in the determination of eligibility to participate in activities. Honor Roll Information Refer to your child’s student handbook for more information. Special Note for Alumni Seeking Transcripts: High school transcripts for Spring-Ford alumni can be obtained by contacting the Ninth Grade Center (where the graduate records are stored) at 610-705-6011, extension 5 for Guidance. Spring-Ford Area School District Online Grade Guidelines Online grading provides parent and student access to attendance, assignments and grades as soon as they are entered. Teachers assess students based on curricular objectives that are aligned to Pennsylvania State Standards. Therefore, assignments and assessments will vary from teacher to teacher and course to course. It is not expected that all teachers will post their assignments and grades with the same speed and frequency.

  • Every Spring-Ford teacher (in grades 4-12) will keep an up-to-date electronic grade book.
  • All assignments will use adequate descriptors and dates specially designed to impart that knowledge to student and parent readers.
  • Current assessments will be entered in a timely manner.
  • When questions arise with respect to assignments and assessments, parents are encouraged to communicate with the teacher.