Mask to Stay


The Mask to Stay Program: Based on the changing landscape of COVID-19, the MCOPH recommends using Mask to Stay as one of several tools in a layered strategy to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Mask to Stay allows staff and students who are exposed to COVID-19 in school or in the community and who are asymptomatic to continue to attend school with required mask-wearing at all times for ten days after the date of exposure. Individuals participating in Mask to Stay will be expected to follow the program guidelines, including: 

  • Take one antigen test between days 4 through 6 after exposure. 
  • Exiting the program if the individual tests positive, becomes symptomatic, or has household exposure. These individuals should be sent home and follow isolation and quarantine guidelines.

Exiting the program if the individual cannot wear a well-fitted mask at all times during that 10 day time period. 

Mask to Stay applies to COVID-19 exposures that occur in and outside the school setting but does not include household exposures. Click here to learn more about the Mask to Stay program.