Welcome back to a new school year, and a new online experience! Earlier this summer we launched the new Spring-Ford website and have spent the last few months making changes and updates. The launch of a new website is a tedious undertaking and a continuous work in progress, we truly appreciate your excitement and willingness to embrace change!

Student Portals are now open!

What is a Student Portal? Password-protected portals offer a space to provide a slew of resources, and will allow you to access teacher pages, or Group Spaces.

What is a Group Space? A Group Space is comparable to what we previously knew as a Fusion page. Your Group Space offers virtually endless opportunities to stay organized with multiple students in multiple classes and are a perfect fit for just about everything and everyone at your school. Group Spaces are ideal for receiving information about club competitions and meeting times, as well as resources for helping students catch up on what they've missed and prepare for what's next.

Let’s start by looking at your personalized Group Space. Once logged in, click on Groups Dashboard at the top of your page.

  • Your Dashboard shows a unified Activity Stream, displaying the most recent actions taken in each of a teacher's groups, as well as upcoming calendar items scheduled for each of the user's groups.
  • For a more specific view of your child’s class, hover over “classes” and select a student name and a specific class.
  • Here we see a recent activity stream, as well as resources.
  • Homework assignment will be posted in the Calendar section.
  • Athletic and club group spaces will be available for those students involved in an extracurricular activity. Though daily updates will be sent, logging into this space regular is encouraged.

PLEASE NOTE: your Student Portal login is associated with an individual student network ID and Password.

When logged in through the Parent Portal, parents/guardians will be able to view all the same information as their student(s).